Sales & Acquisitions

A decision to purchase an aircraft is a complex undertaking, requiring continuous involvement throughout the entire process.  Purchasing a plane that simply meets your mission objectives is just the beginning. Selecting the right plane will take multiple factors into consideration.  Leverage Aerlogix’s experience to your advantage and know you have an expert in the field representing your interests from the very beginning of the process.

Aircraft Sales & Acquisitions


Aerlogix has a unique philosophy when working with customers. Through different avenues in aviation, each member of the aerlogix team was drawn to the aircraft sales industry. Although sales & acquisitions is our business, each member of our team was drawn to this industry from demand from customers. None of us set out to be career "salesmen". As it turns out, this is a great advantage. Nothing prepares aerlogix better to represent you than a background that includes all of aviation, not just sales. Ask yourself if you want a true aviation professional or a "salesman" to represent your best interest.


A decision to purchase an aircraft is a complex undertaking. The actual purchase process should be very involved. Purchasing a plane that simply meets your mission objectives is just the beginning. Picking the right plane involves due diligence on your part. This is where aerlogix's experience can be used to your advantage. Aerlogix provides an expert in the field to represent your interests.

The purchase process should involve an evaluation to make sure you are getting a plane that will meet all of your requirements. It should also involve a pre-purchase inspection that will uncover all of the aircraft's maintenance history, as well as any damage that may have been incurred throughout it's lifetime. The pre-purchase inspection will involve thorough logbook inspections as well as a maintenance inspection that will determine whether to move forward with the purchase or not. It's not uncommon to discover an unfavorable history in either of these inspections and pass on the purchase.

The purchase of an aircraft is just the first step in a process that will involve many factors.Other implications will demand expert advice on your side as well. Pilot requirements will dictate who can fly the aircraft. Will the aircraft be owner flown? Pro-pilot flown? Each of these dictate different levels and costs of insurance. Is the plane being used for business or personal use? This will require different tax strategies from the start. Where you take possession of an aircraft will determine how much tax you pay on your purchase. There is no substitute for having expert representation on your side during the acquisition phase.

There are many aircraft that will meet your mission objectives, let aerlogix find the right aircraft for you.

Sales & Marketing

Selling aircraft begins with an accurate appraisal of any give plane. An accurate appraisal will allow for realistic expectations during the sales process. The potential buyers for your plane will be specifically targeted through accurate digital and print databases that contain the most current information regarding potential buyers. Next, evaluation of offers from potential buyers will be presented and evaluated based on terms favorable to you, the seller. The aircraft will most likely be put into a pre-purchase inspection by the buyer (link). This process will be managed to make sure that your plane is represented in an honest light from a maintenance perspective. During this entire process, aerlogix will manage the escrow process as well.

Aerlogix has the insight, integrity and innovation to manage the sales process of your aircraft. Let our experience work to your advantage.

Aerlogix Advantage

Current and relative industry insight.  Client-centered recommendations and negotiations.  Forward thought processes focused on producing results.  World class aviation services with a proven track record.  That's the Aerlogix advantage.