Italy travel guide

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  • Italy has lured travelers since ancient times. Jutting out into the Mediterranean Sea, Italy naturally attracted travelers and invaders alike. In fact, most that came to this enchanting peninsula never left, drawn by the irresistible lure of Italy.


Italy will likely remain a popular tourist destination for years to come, in part because of the artistic sites and cultural expression that all of these invaders and civilizations left behind. Many tourists are drawn to Italy by its beaches and monuments , but many find themselves bidden to stay by a force that they cannot completely describe .

Of course, one of the most powerful draws to Italy is the legacy of Rome . Rome has left its mark in the Colosseum , the Pantheon, and the hosts of sites that exist not only in the city of Rome itself but all over Italy. Roman traditions in architecture and culture are felt all over the Western world today and many travelers come for a taste of this civilization that changed the course of Western.

Many tourists come to Italy to see Rome, but they often stay for the host of other sites that dot the country. Rome is just one of the many cities in Italy that are worth visiting. It is not hard to understand why Rome is so popular. There truly is no city in the world quite like it, though there are many other sites in Italy that are worth an investment in time by the tourists.