Do you dream of capturing awe-inspiring images showing amazing detail? In this article, you’ll discover how to do just that – with fantastic macro photography.

So what is macro photography? Quite simply it’s producing photographs where small items appear life-size or larger.

Do you know what’s really great about macro photography?

Well, it’s accessible for everyone. Fantastic subjects are all around – there’s no need to travel to an exotic location for the perfect shot.

Choose the Right Macro Lens

Even with all the know-how and photographic skills in the World, you still need to equip yourself with some good macro photography gear.

There’s no single best macro photography lens to choose – what’s best for someone else won’t necessarily be best for you. The right macro photography lens is the one that suits your needs and shooting style.

A prime lens with a fixed focal distance is a good place to start. They are generally cheaper and tend to produce sharper images than zoom lenses.

The focal length is how close you’ll need to be to your subject to get your subject in focus.

An advantage of a short focal length lens is they are very portable as they are light. They are also generally cheaper. But, when working with living subjects, getting too close may disturb the subject. You also risk limiting the light that gets to your subject by being too close.

With a longer lens, you’ll be able to work at an easier distance from your subject. A longer lens will also give you more background blur. The downside is that you’ll have a heavier lens to carry around.

Another consideration, if you plan to take macro photos of living subjects, is the autofocus function. Look for silent autofocusing to prevent disturbing your subject.

Experiment with Macro Photography Gear

Are you looking for an alternative to purchasing macro photography Or perhaps you’d just like more ‘toys’ to play with?

Well, there’s no shortage of macro photography gear to try:

  • Extension tubes
  • Reversing ring
  • Close-up lens
  • Zoom lens with a macro setting

These all provide a cheaper option for macro photography camera setup and make use of existing lenses.

Mount extension tubes between your camera and lens. They simply change the minimum focus distance of your lens so you can get closer to your subject. Pick them up for very little money in sets of three. Use them on their own or combine to try different focal distances.

Use a reversing ring to transform your lens into a macro lens by mounting the lens backward. They start at a very low price. Therefore, let you try out macro photography without a big investment.

A close-up lens is a magnifying filter that screws onto the front of your lens. It’ll let you get closer to your subject and have the advantage of not needing to remove your lens to use.